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Rosie, Jannice and Nanna are three women who have undergone Mandolean® treatment successfully.
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"My new life after 50"

Interview with Rose-Marie Klang

Rosie: - My name is Rosie, I am 52 years old and I am a registered dietician.
Cecilia: - How much did you weigh at the most?
Rosie: - I weighed nearly 150 kg. I started at the Mandolean® Clinic in the autumn of 2005, when my weight was 142 kg.
Cecilia: - How did you get in touch with the Mandolean® Clinic?
Rosie: - I had fallen and broken a bone in my foot and couldn’t work, they blamed it on the overweight. The National Social Insurance Office wanted a rehabilitation plan for me. My company doctor knew about the clinic as her daughter had been treated for eating disorders at a Mandometer® Clinic in Stockholm and she said that it was an excellent place.
Cecilia: - But wasn’t her daughter treated for anorexia or bulimia rather than overweight?
Rosie: - Exactly, and I thought that I suffered from neither, I was just big, very big. But I was invited to attend the Mandolean® Clinic at the Danderyd Hospital; they wanted to see me. I ate very fast, I slung the food into myself and I had thrown up food.
Cecilia: - How fast do you think you ate when you weighed 150 kg?
Rosie: - At the beginning of the Mandolean® treatment I ate a portion, 400 g, in 7-8 minutes, at home I must have eaten even faster.
Cecilia: - How fast do you think you ate at home?
Rosie: - In 5-6 minutes maybe, it was such a long time ago. It is behind me, one doesn’t think that way any more. I was able to meet Kerstin Lindeberg and she said that we would help one another and that I would lose weight. I had a binge-eating disorder. I was glad to receive treatment, but at the same time I was a little skeptical, how is it possible to lose weight and at the same time eat all that food, so many times per day? In the beginning nothing much happened but soon, I started losing weight. It was ½ a kilo a week; it was really wonderful to be able to eat food and lose weight. The joy of looking at the scale, wow, I have lost weight!
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Rosie before the treatment

Rosie today

"Now, I am quite an ordinary person participating in life"

Interview with Jannice Andersson

Cecilia: - Which weight reduction programmes have you attended? Have you participated in any treatment programmes except for Mandolean®?
Jannice: - I joined Weight Watchers. I have also gone through Cambridge cures and Nutralight cures and ordered weight loss pills over the Internet. I have surely spent 10.000 SEK (1.700 USD) on different quick cures.
Cecilia: - When you weighed 125 kg, did you then consider an operation?
Jannice: - Yes, I have seen a therapist all the time, we discussed an operation and she could arrange a doctor’s meeting for me. But as I have it so close to me with my sister and in addition my fathers partner.
Cecilia: - Your father’s partner?
Jannice: - She has had a bypass operation. She now goes to the Mandolean® Clinic.

I have seen how they have had it. Vomiting and gaining weight. Both of them. That´s no life.

Cecilia: - So how did you come to the Mandolean® Clinic?
Jannice: - My therapist has been very helpful and she said that there must be something that can help. She found the Mandolean® Clinic on the Internet. She sought help for me, she joined me to the clinic. I felt very unwell, I also had social problems, didn’t want to go out, I locked myself up. Didn’t want to make phone calls, couldn’t travel by bus, there were also a lot of other things going on. So she said, we’ll get a car and go there.
Cecilia: - What expectations did you have?
Jannice: - I thought that when I came to the clinic, they could do something so that I would lose weight very fast.
Cecilia: - It wasn’t like that, was it?
Jannice: - No.
Cecilia: - You learned how to eat with Mandometer® and then, little by little you started losing weight.
Jannice: - I started losing weight right away. During the first half year, I lost approximately one kg each week, then I started to level off.
Cecilia: - How did you feel losing weight?
Jannice: - I felt very good, but I couldn’t quite believe it. This is very good, but soon my weight will go up again. I will get these kinds of whims and start eating again, so it took a very long time until I accepted that it actually went well.
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Jannice before the treatment

Jannice today