A device that teaches you how to eat

Mandometer® consists of a scale which is connected to a computer.


You place your plate on the scale and put the food on the plate. The computer registers the plate´s weight decrease during the course of the meal and generates a curve of eating speed (grams per minute). At regular intervals the satiety scale is shown on the computer screen and you are asked to evaluate your satiety by pointing at the screen.


The computer saves the satiety evaluations and generates a curve for the feeling of satiety. When you practice eating, two curves are shown on the screen; one for eating speed and one s-formed curve for satiety. You are asked to follow these curves, which is possible as you see your own eating speed as well as your satiety evolve on the screen during the meal.

A: A green training curve is shown on the screen
B: When you eat, your eating speed appears on the screen
C: The computer asks how full you feel
D: You adapt your eating speed and satiety ratings (red dots) to the training curves