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The Mandolean® Clinic is a private care company, Mandolean AB. You can pay for the treatment yourself or via an insurance or in certain cases the treatment is paid for by the Swedish Health Care System. If you live outside Stockholm county, you need a specialist care referral for your cost to be covered by your home county. If you live outside Sweden and in an EU-country you may be entitled to E112, which will cover the costs for treatment. Contact us to find out how the payment of your treatment shall be made.

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Please note! Completing the application form does not automatically lead to admission at the Mandolean® clinic. If you need to get in touch
with us fast, you are welcome to call
telephone: +46 (0)8 122 096 00
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Finance your treatment with a bank loan (Sweden)

You can finance your treatment at the Mandolean® clinic, in full or partly, with a credit from the SEB.
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