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Mandometer for Healthier Eating - April 13 2014
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Could Mandometer ‘smart scales’ cure anorexia? - April 11 2014
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Rethinking eating disorder treatment - March 19 2014
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New technology on the rise to help fight obesity - December 12 2013
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Mandometer - talking plates - December 21 2011

Pakistan's Biggest IT Education Forum
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UK's NHS to test "talking plate" to fight obesity - November 23 2011

Announced Monday, Britain's National Health Service will begin testing a device that politely tells you to stop gorging on your food in an effort to trim back obesity rates. ...
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Talking plate will stop your over-eating - November 22 2011

Talking plates which tick off people for scoffing their food are to be tried out by the National Health Service (NHS) in an attempt to tackle obesity. ...
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Talking Plate Warns Families About Eating Habits - November 22 2011

Doctors have a new weapon in the battle to beat obesity--a talking plate that tells people not to bolt their food. The Mandometer monitors the amount of food leaving the plate and tells users who gobble: "Please eat more slowly,” ...
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Talking Plate Will Help Reduce Obesity - November 22 2011

In a bid to reduce the alarming obesity levels, the NHS in conjunction with the Bristol University plan to study the Swedish 'Mandometer' or the talking plate which warns the user to slow down if they are eating too quickly. ...
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Talking Plate To Be Trialled By NHS To Tackle Obesity Crisis - November 21 2011

A talking plate that warns people to eat more slowly when they wolf down their food is to be used in an NHS initiative, to help fight obesity. ...
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Talking Plate: New Weapon to Fight Obesity - November 21 2011

Many fights against obesity are ongoing today because the illness is troubling a lot of people worldwide. The latest introduced weapon in ...
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Talking plate could tackle obesity crisis - November 21 2011

A ‘‘talking plate‘’ which tells diners how quickly to eat their food is to be used by the NHS to tackle obesity. The Swedish-made £1,500 Mandometer, uses a scale which ...
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Now, a dish that 'talks' to fight obesity - November 21 2011

The National Health Service (NHS) has introduced a talking plate in the UK, which warns fat families about their eating habits and tells people not to wolf their food. The Mandometer, which is available ...
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Svenskan som ska bota USA från fetma - January 29, 2011

En svensk metod för att bota fetma och andra former av ätstörningar går på export. Metoden ska nu testas på bred front i England och sedan i somras finns en klinik i USA ...
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Patients With Eating Disorders Get High-Tech Lesson On Healthy Portions - October 13 2010‎

A new Swedish weight management center opening in the city uses unique technology to help patients tackle a wide range of eating issues, from anorexia to obesity...
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Can a Plate Help You Lose Weight? - March 2010‎

The Mandometer—a computerized dish—just may do the trick....
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Obésité en Suède : une assiette parlante pour combattre le surpoids - 3 feb 2010‎

Une assiette parlante de l'Institut de Karolinska (KI) aide les enfants en surcharge pondérale à perdre leur embonpoint. ...
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Maigrir en pesant son assiette - 18 Jan 2010‎

En indiquant en temps réel la vitesse à laquelle le repas est consommé, un appareil permet de limiter la prise de poids. ...
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Childhood obesity reduced using electronic eating plate - ‎12 jan 2010‎

Obese adolescents who eat from a digital plate measuring how fast and how much food they eat are more likely to lose weight, researchers have found. ...
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Computer device aids obesity treatment
Private Healthcare UK - ‎9 jan 2010‎

A new computerised device has proved more effective than regular methods for treating obesity. ...
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Mandometer Could Have Permanent Effect On Children's Eating Habits - ‎8 jan 2010‎

The importance of eating slowly has been underlined recently by a new survey which looked into the eating habits of children ...
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Una balanza electrónica para aprender a comer - ‎8 jan 2010‎

Este dispositivo cuenta con un programa que mide la velocidad de la ingesta Cuanto más lento se come, más se adelanta la sensación de saciedad...
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New Device Helps Children Lose Weight By Controlling Eating Habits
Insidermedicine - ‎7 jan 2010‎

INSIDERMEDICINE VIDEO: New Device Helps Children Lose Weight By Controlling Eating Habits (Interview with Dr. Per Sodersten, PhD, Karolinska Institutet) ...
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Retraining Device Helps Obese Children Change Eating Habits Computerized scale ...
ModernMedicine - ‎7 jan 2010‎

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6 (HealthDay News) -- A computerized device can help obese adolescents change their eating habits, and is a useful adjunct to lifestyle ...
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A device that curbs speed eating could help obese children and adolescents cut ...
Scientific American (blog) - ‎7 jan 2010‎

By Carina Storrs Wolfing down a meal in record time can lead to more than digestive discomfort and possible acclaim in food-eating contests. ...
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Gadget Could Help Curb Childhood Obesity
RedOrbit - ‎7 jan 2010‎

A study in England has shown that a computerized, interactive weighing device that helps kids keep track of how much and how quickly they are eating may be ...
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Mandometervåg gav bättre resultat vid behandling av fetma hos barn - ‎7 jan 2010‎

British Medical Journal (BMJ) publicerade den 6 januari, en studie av behandling av överviktiga barn av forskare vid Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol, England och Karolinska Institutet på ...
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New Device Treating Children's Obesity More Successfully - ‎6 jan 2010‎

A research showed that a new device developed at the Karolinska Institute Stockholm for treating children's obesity is more successful than standard ...
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Showing Kids How Fast They Eat May Help Them Shape Up
BusinessWeek - ‎6 jan 2010‎

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6 (HealthDay News) -- A computerized scale can help overweight kids lose weight by showing them how rapidly they eat, researchers have found ...
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Food Feedback Device Helps Obese Kids Shed Weight
MedPage Today - ‎6 jan 2010‎

By Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today A device that monitors how much and how fast food is consumed appears to encourage weight loss in obese ...
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Food machine tackles child obesity
TopNews United States - ‎6 jan 2010‎

British researchers informed that now, a machine will guide teenagers to lose that bulge. The machine is designed to train them to form mental connections ...
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Food Machine Targets Child Obesity
Visit Bulgaria - ‎6 jan 2010‎

Teenagers are well-known to turn a deaf ear when told to something by a parent, teacher, sibling or just people in general, however, they are quite happy to ...
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Obesity can be fought with the Mandometer, a new talking scale
The Guardian - ‎6 jan 2010‎

New technology that encourages you to eat smaller portions, more slowly, has helped young people to lose weight more quickly. Photograph: David Levene New ...
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Portable Computerized Weighing Scale To Help Obese Children Lose Weight
Biomed Middle East - ‎6 jan 2010‎

Mandometer, a new device developed by Cecilia Bergh, Ph.D., and Per Sodersten, Ph.D., researchers at the world-renowned Swedish academic health centre, ...
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Child Obesity Targeted by Food Machine
TopNews New Zealand - ‎6 jan 2010‎

Researchers from Britain have revealed that a computerized gadget that manages to keep track of how much, and how quickly, the user is consuming food can ...
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New device may tackle childhood obesity
Irish Health - ‎6 jan 2010‎

A new computerised device that keeps track of food portions and how fast people are eating could play a major role in curbing the problem of childhood ...
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Machine That Gives Feedback As You Eat...
Sky News - ‎6 jan 2010‎

A set of portable scales that monitors portion size and speed of eating may be a key ingredient in losing weight. The Mandometer machine helps retrain ...
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Helping Children Lose Weight And Retraining Dietary Habits Is Possible With A...
Medical News Today - ‎6 jan 2010‎

Research published today on reports that a new computerized device that can track portion size and how fast people eat, is more successful in ...
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Mini-weighing scales which alert children if they are eating too fast 'could... - ‎5 jan 2010‎

Portable mini-weighing scales which alert children if they are eating too fast can help fight childhood obesity, expert believe. ...
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British Medical Journal Reports Innovative Swedish Program For Treating ...
PR Newswire (press release) - ‎5 jan 2010‎

Visit PR Newswire for Journalists for releases, photos, ProfNet experts, and customized feeds just for Media. View and download archived video content ...
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Food machine takes aim at child obesity
Sydney Morning Herald - ‎5 jan 2010‎

Teenagers are famous for not wanting to do what people tell them, but evidently they are prepared to make an exception for a machine. ...
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New Eating Device Retrains Dietary Habits and Helps Children Lose Weight
Science Daily (press release) - ‎5 jan 2010‎

A new computerised device that tracks portion size and how fast people eat is more successful in helping obese children and ...
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Plate weighing device 'can curb childhood obesity'
BBC News - ‎5 jan 2010‎

A talking, computerised weighing device that tracks how quickly food is gobbled off the plate could be a solution to childhood obesity, researchers say. ...
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High-tech scales help kids lose weight
Healthcare Republic - ‎5 jan 2010‎

Obese children can be helped to lose weight by using a computerised scale to train them to eat more slowly, UK research has shown. ...
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You're eating too much! Diet computer that tells you harsh truth at mealtimes
Scotsman - ‎5 jan 2010‎

By Lyndsay Moss IT SOUNDS like something from the Orwellian world of Big Brother – a machine that tells you how much to eat and how fast to eat it. ...
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Computerized nag fights obesity
Washington Post (blog) - ‎5 jan 2010‎

Can a computerized nag help fight the obesity epidemic? A new British study indicates it could. Julian Hamilton-Shield at the Bristol Royal Hospital for ...
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'Plate weighing scales' to help tackle child obesity
AFP - ‎5 jan 2010‎

PARIS — A new device aimed at discouraging eaters from bolting their food is a useful tool in combatting childhood obesity, according to a study published...
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