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“Obesity: Causes, Mechanisms and
Edited by Elliot M. Blass

The reasons why people’s weight increases, how the body’s physiology changes and how people who are overweight shall be treated are discussed in this book which is an attempt to compile everything we know about overweight. Several factors interact in causing obesity, but few, if any methods of treatment work.


For a fresh look at the problem, we suggest that you read our chapter, which explains why people are unable to control their weight. People need external support in order to know how much to eat; Mandolean® provides that support and clinical studies which are underway support this possibility. 
A Framework for the Treatment of Obesity: Early Support
Cecilia Bergh, Matthew Sabin, Julian Shield, Göran
Hellers, Modjtaba Zandian, Karolina Palmberg, Barbro Olofsson, Kerstin Lindeberg, Mikael Björnström, and Per Södersten
With the exception of surgery, the treatments which are used to treat obesity are largely ineffective. A possibility for this limited success is that the assumptions behind these treatments are only partially correct. A new framework based on the treatment of anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders is adapted to the treatment of obesity. The treatment is based on the assumption that humans need external support to maintain their body weight. Preliminary results indicate that the treatment is effective in morbidly obese adolescents and adults with binge-eating disorder.”